Infrastructure construction is the design, construction and maintenance of facilities necessary for the operation of a society and the stable development of the financial and economic system of a given territory. Well-designed and well-developed infrastructure facilities ensure a high quality of life for the population, making urban spaces convenient for living, work and leisure.


The infrastructure of any city or country includes several types of facilities. They differ from each other in function and role in the system. There are two groups of facilities: facilities through which movement takes place; and production complexes that produce, process and transport material, such as minerals.

Transport targets are:

  • Roads
  • Railway lines;
  • Seaports and river ports;
  • Logistics trans-shipment points;
  • Airports;
  • Air cargo terminals.

Production complexes include the following types of facilities:

  • Enterprises specializing in mining;
  • Enterprises engaged in the processing and processing of raw materials;
  • Transporting facilities such as oil pipelines and gas pipelines;
  • Energy facilities such as power plants and transmission lines.
  • The latter are auxiliary infrastructures that provide production and transport units with the electricity needed for their operation.

While we divide infrastructure into types, we should bear in mind that they are closely interlinked. For example, transport-oriented facilities link production complexes with one another, providing the possibility of interaction between enterprises engaged in the extraction of raw materials and those engaged in the processing thereof. Without power plants and transmission lines, for example, virtually all infrastructure will cease to function.


Russia has a large number of oils, gas, coal and ore deposits. Their development is a priority of economic policy, falling within the national interest and is used both for export to other countries and for domestic use.

Production infrastructure includes oil and gas rigs, as well as developed mines and ore quarries. These facilities provide jobs for a huge number of people in our country, and every month they produce millions of tons of raw materials needed to sustain our economy and production. Their role cannot be overemphasized.


Processors and processors are critical infrastructures. It is thanks to them that our country’s minerals and other raw materials have become able to be transported and used for their intended purpose.

These industries, like the resource base, must be under the strict control of the State. The construction of each facility should be carried out with the help of an up-to-date resource base, as well as with the use of up-to-date expertise and scientific and technical potential.

One of the directions of LLC LMS is the construction of infrastructure facilities. Among the company’s most famous projects is the airport complex «Platov» in Rostov-on-Don with an area of 88,000 m2, including runways, 45 parking lots for aircraft, 16 buildings of the complex, passenger terminal with an area of 50,000 m2, international airports «Volgograd» and «Khabarovsk», reconstruction of the station square of Novosibirsk, a new terminal of the airport «Chelyabinsk» was built, etc. We have sufficient resources and experience to realize any such facility, from the road to the industrial building. For any questions, please call +7 (495)-626-40-50 or e-mail