150 days of construction of the new Khabarovsk Airport


The construction of the new terminal of international airlines of Khabarovsk Airport started at the beginning of September 2021. The general contractor of the facility is LMS Group of Companies carried out previously the work on the construction of the Khabarovsk airport domestic airline terminal, which was commissioned in 2019.

During January 2022, LMS specialists maintain access roads and internal temporary roads, deal with fencing and security of the construction site, organize warm and cold warehouses for storing materials and equipment. The builders are provided with all the necessary living conditions. Construction control, geodesy and occupational safety services are in place.

The work of the construction site in January took place in hard climatic conditions, when the average daily air temperature did not rise more than -25ºC.

According to the customer's opinion, the proficiency of the contractor was on a high level in these conditions:

«Warm storages for inert materials were provided in time, electric heating of the concrete was carried out uninterruptedly and in the required volume. In this connection, all the planned works were fulfilled taking into account the requirements of the normative and technical documentation for works in winter time. Delays in the work schedule are not expected.»

150 days of construction work in numbers and facts:

  • 100% of the piles have been loaded.
  • Works on concrete pouring of grillages are completed.
  • Monolithic reinforced concrete frame has been completed (walls, columns and floor slabs of the basement and first floor).
  • 70% of the reinforced concrete frame of the future building has been poured.
  • The partitions and brick walls in the basement are more than half done.
  • 310 specialists are involved in the project (including engineering and technical personnel).

It is planned to finish the monolithic works (the full readiness of the reinforced concrete frame), as well as to start assembling the metal structures in February.