Novy Urengoy Airport: an opinion on compliance (AIA) received


The general contractor LMS Group of Companies received, based on the results of the final inspection by the North Ural Department of Rostechnadzor, an opinion on compliance (AIA) of the New passenger terminal of Novy Urengoy Airport with the requirements of the project documentation. The Commission found that there were no violations of mandatory requirements.

«The receipt of the certificate of compliance confirms the construction readiness of the new terminal for the start of work and the reception of passengers. As planned, we completed this stage in December, which allows us to transfer flights to a new building by the end of the year,» Roman Bochkov, Executive Director of Novy Urengoy Airport, comments.

«The construction of the Novy Urengoy Airport officially started on December 22, 2020. LMS Group of companies has carried out construction and installation work efficiently and within a clearly agreed time frame with our customer for 2 years, despite the weather conditions of the Far North. We are glad to be involved in the implementation of one of the most ambitious projects in Yamal,» comments Selcuk Karaсa, a member of the Board of Directors of LMS Group.

The start of the new terminal is scheduled for December 26, 2022. The new airport complex is equipped with modern equipment for servicing passengers and their luggage, escalators, elevators, and a baggage handling system are installed.

Confirming the reputation of a reliable general contractor, LMS efficiently and on time fulfills its obligations to customers who entrust us with the implementation of their projects again.

Novy Urengoy Airport: an opinion on compliance (AIA) received-photo-1 Novy Urengoy Airport: an opinion on compliance (AIA) received-photo-2 Novy Urengoy Airport: an opinion on compliance (AIA) received-photo-3 Novy Urengoy Airport: an opinion on compliance (AIA) received-photo-4