LMS Employees Improve Skills


125 builders at the facility of the shopping center «Nebo» will acquire new professional competences in the demanded industrial specialties. The training will be conducted by teachers of the building institute of technologies and innovations «Stolitsa». Within three months, on the job, workers will have mastered the theoretical basis, will have fixed it in practice and will have final certification in 12 training fields.

The training started on April 1, and is carried out in 12 directions (armorer, mason, painter, installer, tiler, plumber, surveyor, spammer, plasterer, electrician, electrician of the section, electric gas welder) and will last until June 30 inclusive. Classes are held daily in several groups. Each course lasts 72 hours.

- We offer face-to-face training while the teacher goes to the company. LMS receives professional training of employees in full compliance with modern educational standards, - tells manager of «Stolitsa» Natalia Chebakova.

Deputy Prime Minister Marat Husnullin (TASS) recently announced the shortage of labour resources on construction sites in Russia. At present, the shortage of specialists reaches about 1.5-2 million people. The problem will be solved through training and retraining.

- The continuous learning and development process that we are launching in the company is certainly more effective in the long term than finding and recruiting new employees. The development of personnel and contribution to human resources increases the company’s competitiveness, values and professional level of its specialists. The system of staff training within the organization is of great importance for the development of the company as a whole, as well as for its adaptation to the changes dictated by the modern postcowid world, - says LMS Personnel Director Arina Semenenko.

LMS has established itself as a reliable general contractor for the construction of major infrastructure in Russia. LMS is an internationally recognized team of professionals.

The company’s priorities remain unchanged - high quality of construction and accuracy in realization of the project.

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