BIM-technologies: the construction industry is moving into «digit»


An expert of the LMS Group of Companies shared the experience of the introduction of information modelling technologies in the design with the participants of the extended meeting of the construction industry of the Coordination Council of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

The event under the auspices of the competent ministry of the region was held in the Nizhny Novgorod State Architectural and Construction University. On the agenda are topical issues of design and construction using information modelling technologies.

The meeting was moderated by the vice-chairmen of the Council: Anatoly Molev, Minister of Construction of the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, and Dmitry Kushin, President of the Association «Self-regulating Regional Branch Association of Employers «Association of Novgorod Builders».

An expert from the LMS group of companies gave a presentation on the prerequisites and experiences of the transition to information modelling technology, the need for training of specialists and new tools of interaction between construction participants.

- The construction industry goes further into «number», and the objects financed from the budget, since 2022 must have an information model, - noted Ivan Tuibov, head of the 3D engineering group LMS. - Representatives of line ministries and departments highlighted issues of training, interaction with expertise and updating national standards. The procedure of State expertise was most interesting: what would be the requirements for information models, how would they be analysed by experts, and what regulations would that be? These questions are still open.

We thank the organizers for inviting us to this event.

Let us remind, LMS Group of Companies applies BIM technologies: in «Construction of new air terminal complex of the internal air lines of Kemerovo International Airport, construction of «Multifunctional sports complex «Omsk Arena», «New airport terminal complex of Khabarovsk International Airport (Novy). Terminal MRL», «Multifunctional center with a hotel in the borders of Popov streets - Monastery - Osinskaya - Petropavlovskaya in Perm» («Esplanada»), Buildings of Perm State Art Gallery.

BIM-technologies the construction industry is moving into digit

BIM-technologies the construction industry is moving into digit