Dynamics of construction of the Esplanada Multifunctional Center in Perm


At this stage of work, 95% of all steel structures have been installed, the readiness of the roof installation is 100%. The installation of the profiled sheet is also 100% complete. In total, construction work has been completed on an area of 18560 m².

At the moment, the installation of facade glazing is carried out on an area of 2550 m², the readiness of work is 95%. For the installation of a decorative facade are being used PVC roofing membranes, porcelain stoneware tiles and a media facade. The installation area of PVC roofing membranes is 5540 m².

Finishing work inside the building was carried out on an area of 16 793 m². On the site of future cinemas, walls of aerated concrete blocks are being erected. The total area of work at the moment is 6 864 m², the work is half finished. Floor screeds of 51,995 m² have been completed in the shopping area and entertainment center.

There are 19 elevators, 4 travelators, 14 escalators and 5 lifting platforms for visitors and staff of the future MFC. All 19 elevators have already been installed, as well as 2 travelators and 3 escalators.

Mechanical works are carried out on an area of ​​52,075 m² of the entire building. The installation of the ventilation system is 92% complete, the heating system is 94%, the cooling system is 96% (6842 tons of structures are used) and the fire system is 96% (41 000 tons of structures are used). Installed 3 chillers and 4 drycoolers for the refrigeration system of the shopping center, the capacity of each chiller is 1276 kW, drycoolerm is 576 kW.

The installation of electrical systems will require the production of 168,270 m of cables. At the facility, specialists have already stretched 121.326 linear meters of cable, the work has been completed by 88%.

Concrete and asphalt pavement is 97% complete. The paving slabs were laid by 82%.

Work has begun on the suspended ceiling in common areas.

The construction site employs 950 workers, including engineering and technical personnel. The customer of the project is Prospekt Group of Companies.