Dynamics of the construction of a new Roshchino AVC in Tyumen in June


The General Contractor LMS Group of Companies demonstrates in the video the dynamics of the phased reconstruction of the existing airport terminal complex of international/domestic air lines of Tyumen International Airport (Roshchino).

Facade work was completed by 60%, roofing - by 70%. The first stage of reconstruction will be completed in six months.

The head of the project, Doga Cepic, noted that the construction is being carried out a month ahead of schedule. Despite the fact that the project is unique due to the peculiarity of the facade, which has a slope and a wave-shaped roof. It is necessary to strictly take into account all geodetic data in order to connect the three blocks together later. He also noted that this is his third airport, and taking into account previous experience, in order to avoid problems, he orders building materials in advance.

Confirming the reputation of a reliable general contractor, LMS Group fulfills its obligations to customers with high quality and on time, who entrust us with the implementation of their projects again.