Construction dynamics of the Perm Art Gallery in August


The implementation of the project of the Perm State Art Gallery on the territory of the sociocultural space Shpagin Plant continues.

The general contractor, LMS Group of Companies, simultaneously performs dewatering, excavation work, monolithic work and installation of steel structures.

  • To date, the trench has developed 46 250 m³ soil.
  • Monolithic works are performed in the following scope: foundation of the main building - 1 798 m³, walls - 550 m³, columns - 169 m³, floor slab - 599 m³.
  • The foundation and walls waterproofing is performed on the area of 4 624 m².
  • On the construction site is actively mounting steel structures. Already 255 tons of steel frames have been assembled.

At the moment 167 specialists, including engineering personnel, are engaged on the construction site. Two tower cranes have been installed on the site, and large construction equipment is also being used: a roller, an excavator, a 25-ton truck crane and a jib crane.

Construction of Perm State Art Gallery with the total area of 21,6 thousand square meters is one of the priority projects on the occasion of 300th Anniversary of Perm.

Confirming its reputation as a reliable general contractor, LMS Group fulfills its obligations to the clients, who entrust us again with the realization of their projects.

Build the history, proud of the result!