Environmental Safety of LMS Projects


The LMS Group of Companies follows the principles of environmental pollution prevention and complies with environmental standards. LMS strives to minimize environmental damage during project implementation. The person responsible for environmental safety plans corrective and preventive actions by identifying possible negative scenarios. Environmental impact assessment is carried out by measuring it before, during and after the completion of the project.

Being a reliable general contractor who has implemented more than a dozen infrastructure projects, LMS separates production waste and send it to waste treatment facilities. Domestic waste is collected in special containers and disposed properly. Separate storage areas are provided for environmentally harmful materials. Noisy work is carried out only during working hours. LED lighting is used to reduce electricity consumption. Photocells are installed in the lighting system in all common areas of the construction site.

The equipment used in construction works has a system according to EURO 5 emission standard. The facility has special boxes for collecting used batteries and a special trash can for mercury and fluorescent lamps. These wastes are disposed of by a contracting company. Medical waste is collected in special bags, and toilet waste is collected in a private sewer system and disposed of by a contracting company.

LMS fully adheres to the principles of effective management in the field of environmental protection and its continuous improvement, taking into account advanced industrial experience and compliance with all applicable national and international environmental standards. Our goal is safe and healthy working conditions for employees and contractors, as well as ensuring the safety and health of people.