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Infrastructural and industrial construction are the most important sectors of Russian economy today. National projects, the Comprehensive Plan for the Modernization and Expansion of Trunk Infrastructure (KPMI) and other documents set ambitious goals for modernization of the road network, construction of airports and various industrial enterprises.

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To accomplish the stated goals, it is necessary to attract contractors who have experience in construction of complex modern facilities. And it is worthily refers to LMS (LMS) company that has been successfully operating in the domestic construction market since 2015.

Thus LMS has already completed construction and commissioned into operation Rostov International Airport «Platov» in December, 2017. It is known that, created from scratch, it has become the first large-sized international air terminal in Russia since 1991. Platov is included in the top ten largest regional airports in Russia. LMS as the general contractor has completed international airports in Volgograd and Khabarovsk and currently performs construction of international airports in Chelyabinsk and Kemerovo.

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The company`s portfolio includes such objects as reconstruction of Tolmachevo airport complex in Novosibirsk, large shopping centers «Nebo» and «Stolitsa» in Moscow and «Esplanada» in Perm, a multifunctional sport complex in Omsk, and many others.

LMS values ​​its reputation as a leading provider of construction services and strictly adheres to the declared corporate values, including innovation and openness to breakthroughs, quality of work, focus on results and social responsibility. The qualified team of the company complies with all the rules and regulations that ensure the quality of construction works, uses the cutting edge technological systems and construction materials with high performance characteristics at every stage of works.

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