How are the construction camp on site built? Told by LMS


It is difficult to imagine a construction site without facilities intended for the habitation of builders. Depending on the size of the project, the smallest building town accommodates several tens of people, in the largest - up to several thousand.

What is a building town? It’s a complex of buildings built from modular block containers by type of constructor. The height of each building is a maximum of 3 floors. However, the construction can vary in length and width.

In order to quickly and qualitatively create the infrastructure of the construction site, efficient technology has been developed.

First of all, we shall list the stages of construction of a building town:

  • Vertical layout of the construction site;
  • Construction of a temporary fence for the construction site;
  • Construction of a home town (a hostel, an office building, a canteen, an infirmary);
  • Installation of operating equipment and information boards;
  • Construction of temporary roads and turning areas;
  • Installation of a special equipment wheelwash station;
  • Electricity supply to the site;
  • Establishment of production posts and territory for storage of building materials (placement of excavated soil and building debris);
  • Construction of other necessary facilities.

What’s the difference between building towns in the Far North?

First, in permafrost conditions, there are restrictions on the construction of capital foundations. Special modular buildings, which are built in modern settlements of block-containers, due to small weight and rigidity of the structure, can be placed on prefabricated reinforced concrete foundations.

The blocks are manufactured at the plant from non-toxic and non-combustible materials and assembled in a single building on the construction site. They are a metal frame covered with sandwich panels. Each block container may be a separate room or part of a larger room.

The process of building a watch town out of such block containers, unlike capital construction, is practically independent of natural conditions. Block containers withstand all types of atmospheric influences, including seismic activity. Such quick-built buildings are durable and, in case of relocation of a watchtown, are easily dismantled and reassembled.

The construction of modular facilities reduces the lead time and meets all security requirements.

Second, a building town requires the use of modern heating technologies. In the conditions of the Far North a lot of work is carried out in connection with construction and repair of industrial objects. The duration of such projects ranges from a few months to several years, and large teams of specialists are involved.

Insulation for the walls, roofs and floors of the dormitory is designed to provide a comfortable microclimate inside the room even in severe weather conditions.

As part of the mobilization phase, LMS in New Urengoy built:

  • Two hostels for 400 persons;
  • Total space of 3,220 sq. m;
  • Engineering networks: electricity and lighting;
  • Fire alarm;
  • Water supply and sewerage;
  • Heating;
  • Temporary office building;
  • Dining room;
  • Staff heating facilities.

Technical facilities have also been built. In particular, a thermal garage was built, because at temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius, construction workers pay special attention to the smooth operation of the equipment.

The following are arranged in the heat garage: a bus, a gazelle, a dump truck, a track pile coper with a diesel hammer, a wheeled coper with a diesel hammer, a specialized crane, a vibration rink, a mobile compressor, a front loader, an excavator and a bulldozer.

LMS has established itself as a reliable general contractor for the construction of major infrastructure in Russia. LMS is an internationally recognized team of professionals.

The company’s priorities remain unchanged - high quality of construction and accuracy in realization of the project.

How are the construction camp on site built? Told by LMS