LMS - General Contractor of Major Infrastructure Projects


Russia is actively building and modernizing regional airports in accordance with international norms. A group of companies LMS built six international airports in Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Khabarovsk, Chelyabinsk, Kemerovo.

December, 2017. The international airport complex «Platov» in Rostov-on-Don has been put into operation - a large infrastructure project with an area of 88,000 m2. «Platov» entered the ten largest regional airports of Russia.

May, 2018. Volgograd has found a new transport hub with terminals of domestic and international air lines, hotels, parking, service and administrative buildings. In 2019, the number of passengers was 1.2 million.

October, 2019. The new air terminal complex of Khabarovsk International Airport is a terminal with an area of 26,000 sq. m and an improved station area with access to cars and public transport, parking and pedestrian areas.

December, 2019. The new airport terminal in Chelyabinsk is 16,300 m2: large waiting rooms, VIP and business passenger rooms, apron fitting, three telescopic stairways. The airport has a capacity of 2.5 million passengers per year.

February, 2021. The Chelyabinsk International Airport (Balandino) air station complex is implemented for the needs of international air lines. The built-up area is 10,052 m2 with a total area of 19,011 m2. Annual passenger traffic increased to 597,000 people.

May, 2021. The construction of the A.A. Leonov International Airport in Kemerovo with a surface area of 11,635 m2 has been completed: two teleways, a baggage sorting and processing system, inspection equipment (Intrascopes, «Yantar» systems, etc.), as well as passenger furniture, registration and information counters, Equipping health centres, mother and child rooms and other facilities. The opening is timed to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Kuzbass.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, we will complete the passenger terminal of the largest Yamal hub in Novy Urengoy. Its capacity will be 840 passengers per hour and 1.45 million passengers per year.

The geography of LMS’s projects continues to expand: confirming its reputation as a reliable general contractor, LMS fulfils its obligations to customers on time, who are convinced of it, trust the realization of their projects again and again.