LMS has started installing stained glass windows in the new terminal of Voronezh Airport


In the new terminal complex of the domestic air lines of the Peter I Voronezh International Airport, the general contractor of LMS Group of Companies has started installing Russian-made stained glass windows. There will be about 800 of them in total.

To install stained glass windows, aluminum guides and brackets are mounted on three sides of the building. The total weight of the facade system is almost 187 tons.

The dynamic of the image is dictated by an active, rhythmic wave of filing the roof overhang in the form of a wood-textured sail against the background of the monotonous glass facade of the building.

Visually, the sail is «held» by masts – three elegant columns on the main facade and continuing the set rhythm of the vertical on the roof, fixed at four points by stretch marks. The left part of the cornice overhang has a massive console in relation to the glass surface of the stained glass windows, which additionally gives a feeling of a tailwind. Thus, the new terminal will support the theme of the fleet, evoke associations with the era of shipbuilding in Voronezh.

Now [the terminal is completed] by 45%. The installation of metal structures and reinforced concrete structures is fully completed. We currently employ 400 people, at peak time - there will be about 600 people, – said the head of the LMS construction project, Baris Sarikaya.

It is planned to complete the work in December of this year. The new terminal will serve domestic flights. The capacity is 600 passengers per hour.

Confirming the reputation of a reliable general contractor, LMS Group qualitatively and on time fulfills its obligations to customers who trust us to implement their projects again.

LMS has started installing stained glass windows in the new terminal of Voronezh Airport-photo-1