LMS build skills: Airport Complexes


We are launching a new section «LMS build skills», in which we will explain in simple terms the types of construction that LMS performs.

We will start with the construction of airports. Airport complexes which were built by LMS group of companies are notable for unique architectural and non-standard design solutions, high technology and impeccable appearance.

Design and construction of airport complexes solves the problems of international commodity flow and creation of transport hubs for travelers and tourists. Aviation infrastructure is classified as a high-risk facility, so its construction is regulated by a large list of laws and regulations.

Modern airport must provide fast and quality service of passenger traffic in due time, safety and comfort of stay and movement of people. Therefore, it is divided into several functional areas:

  • arrival and departure areas;
  • ticket check-in area;
  • control and screening area;
  • departure lounge;
  • waiting rooms before check-in for departures or in the arrivals area.

It can also accommodate food court, restrooms of increased comfort, travel agencies, etc. For the convenience of passengers, the waiting area should exceed 1.3 m2 per person.

The zone for cargo movement includes administrative and service rooms, engineering service rooms, and storage rooms for different types of cargo.

To ensure uninterrupted operation and safety of passengers and cargo, each complex is equipped with complex technological and engineering equipment. This requires laying of engineering networks, including ventilation, power supply and video surveillance systems. Also during the construction of airports special attention is paid to the interior decoration. Finishing of check-in desks, waiting rooms, lounges and duty-free stores corresponds to the finishing of A-class business centers.

Confirming its reputation as a reliable general contractor, LMS Group fulfills its obligations to the customers, who entrust us with the implementation of their projects.

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