LMS build skills: Infrastructure Facilities


LMS Group has many years of experience in the construction of infrastructure facilities for various purposes, from the construction of transport routes and industrial facilities of any complexity, to sports, trade, education and medical facilities. High qualification of specialists allows us to provide the full range of infrastructure construction services: from the development of project documentation to commissioning of the object.

Capital investment in infrastructure construction contributes to rapid economic growth and development of the region in which the object is created.

Types of infrastructure facilities

All infrastructure facilities are interconnected. Depending on the sphere of activity and purpose, infrastructure can be:

  • Manufacturing, which provides for human economic activity and logistics. It includes: bridges, overpasses, hydraulic engineering structures, engineering communication systems (water supply, power supply), transport routes, airports, objects ensuring operation of industrial, extractive and processing industries, etc.
  • Social. It provides a high quality of life by providing various social services. Social infrastructure includes health care, life safety and law enforcement, education, services, trade, sports, social and cultural facilities.

Features of construction

Infrastructure facilities are designed for long-term and intensive use, so they should have high indicators of longevity, reliability and safety. Comfort and quality of life in modern cities are largely determined by the availability and quality of infrastructure facilities. Convenient branching transport routes, accessibility of educational facilities, medical care, trade and services improve the quality of life in the district or city, ensuring the comfort of residents.

Confirming its reputation as a reliable general contractor, LMS Group fulfills its obligations to customers, who entrust us with the implementation of their projects.

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