LMS build skills: Industrial Facilities


Industrial facilities constitute the main part of the production infrastructure, which provides employment and development of the economy. Investment in industrial development is the main indicator of a country's economic growth.

Industrial construction includes the construction of new production facilities, as well as the renovation, modernisation and expansion of existing facilities.

Features of industrial construction

Depending on the type of production activities, industry is divided into different hazard classes. The biggest hazards are in nuclear engineering, defence industry and chemical industry. Public facilities are the least dangerous.

When constructing a building it is important to consider the structural features of the production buildings and the specifics of the operation. To do this, the architectural and urban planning requirements, the specifics of the technological processes are studied, safety and environmental protection measures are developed, etc.

The economic justification of all solutions applied in terms of construction time, choice of technology and construction materials, amount of financial investment, efficiency of subsequent operation is important.

An industrial site includes three main areas:

  1. The main production areas - blanking, machining, assembly, etc.
  2. Auxiliary areas for production work - tool rooms, model rooms, repair rooms, etc.
  3. Service areas - energy, transport, storage, office, etc.

The main stages of industrial construction:

  • Site preparation
  • Foundation construction
  • Erection of bearing and enclosing structures
  • Assembling engineering systems and communications
  • Finishing works
  • Arrangement of access roads and adjacent territory
  • Commissioning of the object

LMS has many years' experience in industrial construction projects throughout Russia. We provide high quality of works, strict observance of construction terms and full compliance of parameters and operating characteristics of the object with our client's requirements.

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