LMS build skills: Sports Facilities


Long-term professional experience and technical equipment of LMS Group allows us to build sports facilities from scratch and to reconstruct existing ones in accordance with modern urban development standards.

For the construction of sports complexes there are some of the highest requirements for safety, functionality and technical equipment. The structure must comply with the sports direction, which requires the involvement of sports experts at all stages of the project.

The facilities under construction can be of two types:

  • Capital construction. The basis of the building is a welded metal or monolithic frame, and the enclosing structures are made of small construction materials with subsequent cladding.
  • Quickly erected building. The building has a solid metal frame, to which the cladding panels are attached.

According to their exploitation features, sports facilities can be of year-round or seasonal use, as well as universal or specialized. Multifunctional facilities are used for several kinds of sports, as well as for the organization of spectacular events. Specialized are designed for one or more closely related sports.

Each sports facility has several functional areas:

  • The main sports and training area.
  • Additional zone. Places of placement of administrative, welfare and economic premises: locker rooms, toilets, medical offices, coaching rooms, rest rooms, gyms, warehouses for storage of sports equipment and equipment, etc.
  • Visitors service area with offices for the administration, spectator stands and service and service companies.

The construction of the sports complex includes several stages:

  • site selection for construction;
  • conducting engineering and geodetic studies and topographic surveying;
  • creation of design documentation and working documentation, obtaining permits;
  • preparation of the site for construction;
  • laying the foundation;
  • erection of the frame, envelopes and roof;
  • laying of engineering communications systems;
  • internal and external finishing;
  • improvement of the adjacent territory;
  • commissioning of the object.

In September 2022, LMS built a six-story G-Drive Arena Multifunctional Sports Complex in Omsk with an area of 64,000 m2. Confirming the reputation of a reliable general contractor, LMS Group fulfills its obligations to the customers, who entrust us again with the implementation of their projects in a high-quality and timely manner.

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