LMS build skills: Shopping Malls


LMS Group of Companies is engaged in the construction of turnkey shopping centers, performing all kinds of design and construction work in accordance with high standards of safety and convenience of its visitors.

Specifics of shopping mall's design

A shopping center, as a rule, has several galleries (storeys) with retail outlets. They can contain sports and playgrounds, cinemas, food courts and restaurants, as well as office space.

The design should be based on the function, type of business, and specific operating conditions.

At the design stage, specialists develop the design of the future building, its planning, and the layout of each individual room. Given that the main objective of a shopping center is the sale of goods and services, the interior space must be optimized for these purposes to the maximum possible extent. Shopping centers are characterized by voluminous interior spaces and complex security systems, ranging from fire suppression systems to anti-terrorist security systems and elements of a safe environment for people with disabilities. The building must have convenient access roads, including for trucks and public transport, and nearby parking for cars.

It is important to carefully select the location for construction, based on the solution of specific marketing problems, peculiarities of engineering communications and soil analysis. At the preliminary survey performed topographic, engineering-geological survey of the site with the drawings, plans, diagrams, etc.

When creating the project it is important to consider the following features:

  • the area of commercial and auxiliary premises;
  • the specifics of commercial and technological processes;
  • the number and characteristics of the leisure facilities;
  • characteristics of engineering and technical infrastructure to ensure the operation of the facility;
  • expected profits (depends on attendance and logistics of commodity flows).

The project specifies the types and quantity of construction materials, the technology of construction, and the calculation of cost estimates.

The project of a shopping center must undergo expert review, which results in a permit to carry out construction and installation work.

Peculiarities of shopping center construction

  • Site preparation for construction with delivery of construction equipment and materials. Provision of temporary utility networks.
  • Laying of foundation.
  • Building envelopes and roof installation.
  • Bringing up engineering communications systems.
  • Internal finishing of premises, external finishing of facade.
  • Termination of engineering communications systems, installation of complex technological equipment to ensure operation of the complex.
  • Territory improvement.
  • Quality check of engineering networks and equipment of the complex.
  • Commissioning of the object.

Confirming its reputation of a reliable general contractor, LMS Group fulfills its obligations to the clients, who entrust us again with the realization of their projects.

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