LMS build skills: High Buildings


Design and construction of high-rise objects - this is one of the directions of the Group of companies «LMS». Many years of professional experience, highly qualified specialists and excellent technical equipment of the company helps to implement unique buildings.

To the high-rise buildings are the buildings of 75 m height and above, when the height is more than 100 m, the construction is unique.  

For the construction of high-rise buildings using cutting-edge technology and construction materials. Each building is a complex spatial object, the implementation and subsequent safe operation of which requires complex mathematical calculations of all structural elements at the design stage and compliance with norms, rules, technical regulations and other documents.

Distinctive features of high-rise construction:

  • significant static and dynamic loads on the supporting structures and foundation base;
  • uneven distribution of loads and the nature of their application;
  • the need to use special materials that provide strength and homogeneity of the physical and mechanical characteristics;
  • the complexity of the design and installation of engineering communication systems;
  • ensuring the requirements of complex safety, quality lighting, insolation, etc.

At working out of such kind of project there should be applied rational three-dimensional, architectural-planning and constructive decisions reducing power consumption, negative influence on the environment and increasing comfort level inside the building. LMS specialists develop high-rise designs taking into account significant loads on all structural elements of the building during its operation, including the calculation and correction of wind loads that arise at a height of 25 meters and above.

When choosing the construction technology and structural systems several parameters are taken into account: the height of the building, seismological and climatic conditions of construction, peculiarities of architecture and planning. The structural system is the main element of the building. The conjugate totality of vertical and horizontal load-bearing structures provides the strength, rigidity and stability of the structure. It should ensure reliability and resistance of the building to collapse in case of damage of individual elements due to an accident, fire, natural disaster, explosion, etc.

The most popular material for the construction of the frame of high-rise structures is monolithic reinforced concrete, steel-concrete (tube-concrete) and steel-iron-concrete structures are also used.

Confirming its reputation as a reliable general contractor, LMS Group fulfills its obligations to the customers, who entrust us with the implementation of their projects.

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