LMS build skills: Residential Complexes


Since 2015, LMS Group has been implementing projects of high social significance, fulfilling the mission of increasing the high-quality housing stock in Russia.

The rapid rhythm of modern city life dictates new requirements for housing development. Apartments in the residential complex are becoming more popular due to the developed adjacent infrastructure. There are service objects, parking lots, educational institutions, stores, cafes and restaurants, which allows the residents to obtain maximum service without leaving the territory of the complex.

Design features

Residential Complexe is a unique object of urban development, distinguished by the original layout, individual architectural and artistic appearance and functional organization of the interior space.

LMS team of designers and architects, engaged in the development of residential facilities, take into account the following requirements:

  • efficient and rational planning of the territory of the complex;
  • safety of living and exploitation;
  • compliance with sanitary norms and rules;
  • organic inclusion in the residential complex of the objects of service and self-service;
  • creation of comfortable living conditions;
  • use of innovative technologies in the equipment of the engineering networks and communications, security systems, etc.

Residential complexes, depending on the technology used in construction, architectural features and the level of comfort of living, are divided into several classes: economy, comfort, business and elite.

For the construction of residential complexes used several construction technologies:

  • Panel construction, the building is erected using prefabricated panels, which are assembled at the construction site. The main advantages are the low cost and the rapidity of construction.
  • Monolithic - the technology is to create structural elements directly on the construction site by assembling formwork, in which the concrete mixture is poured. The advantages are the free planning of the interior space, high strength and seismic resistance of monolithic buildings.
  • Brick, for the erection of the building will require the greatest amount of time and labor resources. Brick houses have excellent heat and sound insulation, strength and durability.
  • Monolithic-frame construction has a monolithic reinforced concrete frame, consisting of columns and slabs, between which the walls, partitions of small items (bricks or blocks) are erected.
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