LMS in person: Elchin Sefatov


The importance of the vision at the start of the project this week was told to us by LMS construction manager Elchin Sefatov in a traditional interview.

LMS Professional Rules

- Tell me what you do for LMS, direction, functions, position.

- I am responsible for the coordination and control of the construction process at «the New Terminal of Internal Airlines of Kemerovo International Airport im. A.A. Leonova». In fact, I manage the construction work, carrying out the widest range of duties, including resource planning.

- Where did you start in the construction industry?

- After graduating from the Engineering Faculty of the University of 9th September (specialization «Civil Engineering») in Izmir, I took an internship. This was a great start for me - to coordinate the construction process on the site of the unique object of the company «Mercedes». The roof of the building was shaped like the famous Mercedes logo and was designed in such a way that sunlight is gotten the roof from the early morning until sunset. Light-filled became a real highlight of the project. This professional experience will remain in my memory forever.

- Where did they work before LMS?

- In 2020, I had the chance to participate in the construction of the Mersin Nuclear Power Plant. At this facility, I was employed as an engineer in a technical office. Earlier, in 2018, he worked at Renaissance Heavy Industries, where he began his career as an ordinary engineer. We built a mining and processing plant in Kazakhstan.

- What is the uniqueness of processes in your particular activity?

- Uniqueness lies in the ability to see the perspective: from the first stage - the start of construction, when we have only the layout of the building, to the last - the completion of the project, that is to the full realization of the idea.

- Do you implement your own developments, technologies that improve the quality and efficiency of your work?

- Yes, I am certainly trying to make a small but personal contribution to the effectiveness of the work to achieve the tasks assigned. The main successful case I consider is the correct use of modern technologies and materials in construction, as it makes it possible to build buildings in a shorter period of time, with less investment of money as well as labor, and especially today, Maximize the heat saving effect of a building.

- How do you see the development of your direction in the company in the future?

- It is very important for every employee working in such a large organization as LMS to see the prospects. In my opinion, they are big. Because «man without dreams, like a bird without wings!». Personally for myself I see good professional opportunities here. Like my colleagues, I am going forward with the company LMS, following the interests of the company in the successful realization of large-scale and interesting projects.

LMS in person: Elchin Sefatov