Continuing our rubric «LMS in the Faces» Enis Dumanogullari - Project Coordinator in LMS: «We have not had a single tender where we were technically weak and would have received such comments from the customer. The customer always has an extremely high opinion about our company and our work «.

Enis, tell us what do you do in LMS, what is the branch of your activities?

- I am a project coordinator at LMS - I am responsible for the design, development and revision of design documentation, passing the State Expert Review, for construction and installation work - everything related to the facade, roof, elevators, technological equipment, metal structures and for the purchase of materials taking into account these works.

Under my leadership, we centrally interact with suppliers in Moscow to supply our construction sites, which are located in regions of Russia. The subject matter
specialists of my department determine the technical characteristics of the materials that they must include in their working documentation, determine the brands and suppliers. All this is done so that during the tender we could create a project with all the prices for materials and work, taking into account the wishes of the customer, and so that after the won tender, we could immediately start fulfilling the tasks assigned to us.

LMS in faces: Enis Dumanogullari

How did you start your career in the construction industry, where you worked before joining LMS?

- By education I am a civil engineer, I graduated from a construction institute in Turkey in the city of Izmir. A year and a half after graduation, I worked in Turkey under the guidance of the famous architect Mahmut Yildirim, who taught me, at that time a very young specialist, a lot. He shared with me the skills and so-called «building trick» in the architectural industry. The kind of knowledge that construction engineers usually lack. It was an invaluable experience for me. Then I worked for a year and a half in Georgia, and after that 3.5 years in Kazakhstan. From 2011 to 2015, I worked in the Marashstroy company in Nizhny Novgorod, and then from there I was assigned to LMS and moved to Moscow.

Perhaps in previous jobs you had unique experience and successful cases - tell us about them.

- In «Marashstroy» I was lucky to be the manager of the most ambitious projects: I was responsible for independent design, construction financing. I was completely inside the processes from the selection of materials to the final result. I really had a unique experience at that time.

What changes have taken place at LMS since your new position?

- Previously, individual people were responsible for tenders - not design engineers. Now we have organized the process so that the design engineers are engaged in the tender directly for the object with which they will have to work in the future. The specialist is completely immersed technically - this is a huge plus, because we did not have a single tender where we were technically weak and would receive such claims or comments from the customer. The customer always has an extremely high opinion of our company and the work of my branch. And all this is thanks to the fact that technical projects are prepared by our design engineers. All of them are professionals in their field.

Who do you interact with while working?

- I interact with managers at all levels in company, because my department is responsible for overseeing all stages of construction.

How do you see the development of your business area in company, what are the prospects?

- Today I see the need to delegate some of the responsibility to the project managers at sites and to improve the communication system. In my opinion, in construction it is impossible to appoint to a position and not to assign responsibility, and vice versa - to give responsibility without defining a position. By delegating responsibility to project managers, we will thereby gradually teach them new competencies. As a result, it will enable them to make decisions at their own level, that is, they will become more independent, which means the work process will be continuous and of high quality.