People of LMS: Ferda Coskun


Today in our traditional section «People of LMS» we will introduce you to Ferda Coskun – Head of the LMS Technical Office.

Tell us what you do at LMS, the direction of activity, functions, position, who is your supervisor?

I work in the central office in Moscow and calculate the cost of materials and labor costs, as well as control the costs associated with projects. I make weekly and monthly reports for project coordinators and founders of the company.

How did your path in the construction industry begin?

After graduating from the Faculty of Engineering at Suleiman Demirel University in Turkey, I started my career in the construction of the world's largest airport in Istanbul. I worked there for about 2 years. After that, she came to work in Moscow.

Where did you work before LMS? Tell us about your experience in previous projects?

Before working in the LMS Group of Companies, I worked in large Turkish general contracting organizations as an engineer of the technical department. I also worked as an engineer on the construction of residential complexes, hospitals and airports.

What is the uniqueness of the processes specifically in your business?

Currently, technologies in the construction industry are developing rapidly. Therefore, the uniqueness of my activity lies precisely in the fact that we can take advantage of modern technologies and make the workflow faster, more convenient and efficient. To do this, it is important to make calculations as correctly as possible and analyze them.

What can improve the quality and efficiency of your work?

We spend most of our time at work and in communication with colleagues. Therefore, I believe that the key to a successful and fruitful workflow is the most calm and friendly atmosphere in the office. But, probably, I would call music my personal and main secret. By listening to my favorite music compositions, I can focus on work better and faster.

What are the prospects of the company in your opinion?

Working in the LMS company, which day by day actively develops and promotes its activities, conducted simultaneously on 10 projects under implementation, allows me as a specialist to improve my business skills and professional competencies.

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