People of LMS: Yakup Celik


Today, in our traditional People of LMS section, we are talking with the project manager of the Multifunctional Center Esplanada in Perm Jakup Celik.

Tell us what you do in LMS company, your area of activity, functions, position.

I hold the position of a project manager of the MFC Esplanada in Perm. I coordinate all works related to construction, in particular, I control the processes of work production (general construction, electrical, mechanical), design, supply, accounting, technical office work (budget control, work schedule planning, work completion certificates), legal issues (contracts with third parties), occupational health and safety, administrative work with personnel, work with the customer, technical customer and construction control. In general, I solve absolutely all issues related to the construction project.

How did your career in the construction industry begin?

My career in the construction industry began with my family. I can say that I come from a dynasty of builders, because most of the men in my family are somehow connected with construction. It was on the instructions of my father that I went to the construction faculty of the University in Izmir.
It was planned that after receiving higher education, I would work in a family construction company in Ankara, but plans changed. And after a short period of work in Turkey, I came to Russia. I managed to work on projects in Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Tchaikovsky (Perm Territory), Rostov-on-Don, Saratov, Svobodny (Amur Region), and now I'm in Perm.

Where did you work before LMS?

I worked in several large construction companies in Russia. And I am very grateful to all the projects in which I participated, and to the colleagues with whom I managed to work, because it was this experience that made me the specialist that I am now.

Why are the processes in your business unique?

The uniqueness of my particular activity lies in the fact that I can carefully predict all the processes associated with the construction of a facilities, organize and implement them. We solve a million tasks every day, take responsibility for any activity at the facility and create each construction project from scratch brick by brick. My strengths are successful communication and maximum honesty with all construction participants. It is people who are our main power, it is their hands that create facilities, and I appreciate and respect them.

Share your successful cases. Do you implement your own developments, technologies that allow you to improve the quality and efficiency of your work?

In my opinion, the strongest feature of any leader is an analytical thinking. It is it that helps us to effectively implement our projects. For example, during the construction of MFC «Esplanada» in Perm, we managed to organize the design, manufacture, certification, international logistics and installation of a unique decorative facade made of PVC membrane on our own. There is no such volume of PVC membrane facade anywhere in Europe. It was difficult to implement, but we managed to do it, thanks to the ability to analyze and calculate all possible options beforehand.

How do you see the development of your direction in the company?

Construction is impossible without project managers, the development of this direction in the company is natural and inevitable. A project manager is the link for absolutely all processes during the construction of a facility. It is the choice of the right person, who has the necessary knowledge, experience and character traits for the manager, that makes the construction of any facility successful. While some can cope with all the responsibilities assigned to them, others prove their incompetence. In any case, management direction shows our strengths and weaknesses and gives us invaluable experience.

What prospects does LMS have, in your opinion?

I have been working with the founders of LMS for a very long time; I have seen all the stages of development of this company, I have gained a wealth of experience and got acquainted with wonderful people. Now LMS Group is a huge mechanism where each employee, with proper performance of their duties, plays an important role in the progress of the company. Undoubtedly, the prospects for the development of LMS are the brightest, and I, in turn, will make every effort to justify the trust placed in me and achieve the success of the company.