Projects of LMS: Da Vinci RC in Odintsovo


Today in the traditional LMS in projects section we will tell you about the monolithic construction of the Da Vinci Residential Complex in Odintsovo by our parent company Marashstroy LLC.

The customer of the project is Contour Prime LLC.

Project characteristics:

  • Building area - 183 000 m²
  • House type is monolithic
  • Number of apartments - 1 350
  • Floors 7-24
  • Underground parking for 1 100 spaces
  • Duration of the project: April 2011-February 2013

Constructors have performed installation of monolithic reinforced concrete structures of the future Residential Complex.

On December 15, 2010 solemn ceremony of foundation stone laying ceremony of Da Vinci residential complex was held on the construction site. The building was erected using monolithic technology. Nowadays this type of construction is the most effective and has several advantages. Monolithic design has a high level of thermal and sound insulation providing protection from weather conditions and street noise. Monolithic houses are durable and can last up to 200 years. Living in concrete houses does not harm human health, as concrete is a natural material. Due to the high thermal insulation properties of the material is reduced energy costs for heating and air conditioning facilities.

The modern residential complex of business class Da Vinci in Odintsovo combines the architectural style of the Renaissance and modern construction technologies. The new building with different numbers of floors (from 7 to 24) consists of 21 sections in the form of three buildings, united by a two-level stylobate. The house has an original facing of the external walls, is equipped with hinged ventilated facades and is decorated with panoramic glazing, which increases the illumination of the premises.

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