LMS completes installation of sandwich panels in Chernyakhovsk


LMS Group of Companies continues construction, installation and finishing works at a high pace in the Industrial Complex for the production of silicon wafers and photovoltaic converters (PCs) in the Chernyakhovsk Industrial Park.

More than 4,932 tons of metal structures have been installed at the facility over the entire time. The concreting of foundations and walls, as well as the installation of monolithic reinforced concrete slabs in the buildings of all buildings is 100% completed.

Installation of sandwich panels of the external contour of buildings: № 2, 4, 10, 11, 12, 16 and 18 is completed completely. The installation of sandwich panels of internal walls and partitions in buildings No. 2, 4 and 10 is being completed. And in buildings No. 11, 12, 16 and 18 – 100% completed. The installation of walls made of aerated concrete blocks in buildings, roofing work and the installation of profiled flooring is completely completed.

Work on interior decoration continues:

  • o plastering works – 96%;
  • o floor screed device – 100%;
  • o GKL subsystem device in buildings: № 1 - 78%, № 2 – 99%, № 3 – 94%;
  • o putty – more than 52% and painting – more than 30%;
  • o laying of ceramic tiles - more than 77%.

In the active phase, work is underway to improve the territory. The installation of the curb stone is 85% complete. Installation of the foundation for on–site roads, laying of geotextiles, sand, crushed stone - by 60%.

The installation of stained glass windows in building No. 1 was completed by 47%, in building No. 2 – by 67%. Application of fire-retardant coating in the building №10 – 100 %, №18 – 34 %, №18 – 100 %. Installation of internal and external engineering systems will be carried out.

The facility employs 736 people, including ITR. The customer of the project is the ANCHOR plant, which belongs to Unigreen Energy.

Confirming the reputation of a reliable general contractor, LMS qualitatively and on time fulfills its obligations to customers who trust us to implement their projects again.

LMS completes installation of sandwich panels in Chernyakhovsk-photo-1 LMS completes installation of sandwich panels in Chernyakhovsk-photo-2 LMS completes installation of sandwich panels in Chernyakhovsk-photo-3 LMS completes installation of sandwich panels in Chernyakhovsk-photo-4 LMS completes installation of sandwich panels in Chernyakhovsk-photo-5