LMS completed mobilization and began excavation of the AVK Magadan pit


The Governor of the Magadan region Sergey Nosov visited the construction site of the new airport complex and assessed the dynamics. All work on the construction site is on schedule. The mobilization stage has been completed. At the moment, the clearing of the territory continues, warehouses and a hangar for equipment are being built. The most important thing is that the general contractor has begun excavation of the foundation pit for the main building of the new airport complex. It will be 6 meters deep, which is necessary due to the seismic conditions of the region.

According to Elchin Sefatov, Deputy project manager of LMS LLS, the working conditions are familiar to them, this is not the first object that the company is building in difficult climatic conditions: «Now 200 people and 15 pieces of equipment are working on the site. We plan to finish the excavation work in about 60 days. Gradually, building materials are being delivered to the site.»

Evgeny Yankilevich, Deputy General Director of Novaport Holding LLC, spoke about further work on the site and logistics of construction materials: «By January 9, 2024, we have scheduled the completion of the installation of all metal structures in order to close the contour of the building by May. The contractor is reliable, we have built several facilities with them. But given the remoteness of Magadan, we will need help with logistics. The volumes are significant: we carry a lot of metal and cement, 100 wagons each.»

Sergey Nosov noted that the system of control over the logistics of necessary materials and goods in the region has been worked out: «We have established relationships with Russian Railways – we can track the movement of goods from loading into wagons and their movement in the eastern direction. Of course, we have built up work with seaports. We work closely with the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. We will try to make sure that there are no problems with the provision of this construction site, and other construction sites on Kolyma.»

The building for the new airport complex should be commissioned in December 2024. Its capacity will be about 800 passengers per hour. The new terminal will be equipped with two telescopic ladders and an automatic baggage handling system. The construction will be carried out without changing the airport's operating regulations and flight schedules.

Confirming the reputation of a reliable general contractor, LMS Group qualitatively and on time fulfills its obligations to customers who trust us to implement their projects again.