International Airport, Khabarovsk


International Airport, Khabarovsk

General Contractor Agreement for construction of New air-terminal complex of the international airport in Khabarovsk was signed on the 12 of March, 2018 between JSC «international Airport Khabarovsk» (Customer), LLC «LMS» (General Contractor) and LLC «DBC Consultants» (Technical Client).

Construction area for the new airport system is located at Matveevskoe shosse, 26 B, in Zheleznodorozhniy district, 10 km northeastwards from Khabarovsk.

Air-terminal complex is designed as a group of buildings and constructions intended to execution of technological processes for passenger service, cargo and mail handling, covering of the airport domestic, household and practical needs, accommodation of administrative staff and state supervising authority personnel.

Within design basis is construction of domestic air-lines terminal with total area more than 26 000 m2 and arrangement of landside area including access ways for passenger’s cars and public transport, parking and pedestrian zones. Planned airport capacity will be up to 1 200 passengers per hour, this is equivalent to 3 000 000 passengers per year.

Total amount of about 800 engineering and technical personnel will be involved by LLC «LIMAKMARASHAVTODOROGI» for the purpose of the project.

Project activities will be accomplished by the 31 of October, 2019.