IFC «Esplanada»: about 947 tons of metal structures installed


LMS Company Group specialists at the shopping mall «Esplanada» facility, which is under construction in Perm, have almost 80% completed the installation of metal structures of the building.

The general contractor completes the installation of coatings (98 per cent) and fabrics (98%). Work has been completed on the installation of metal stairways structures. Installation of metal structures of cinemas (40%) continues.

Roofing works are well under way: 15% of the insulation has been installed. 85% of the paperwork has been completed. LMS specialists continue to decorate the facade of the building «Esplanade»: 87% of sandwich panels are ready.

Internal finishing works are carried out at the same time: partitions of brick (80%) and frames for GPL (65%) are installed. Currently, 756 construction workers are involved in the Perm project.

Let us remind, the implementation of the first phase of the Project will take place in December 2021.

LMS group of companies, confirming its reputation as a reliable general contractor, satisfies its obligations to customers on time, who are satisfied with it, trust us again to implement their projects.