Mobilization of the construction site of the residential complex «Symvol» in the active phase


Since mid-April, the specialists of the LMS Group of Companies have been implementing the «Donstroy» project for a multifunctional complex residential development with an underground parking lot for three buildings in the residential complex «Symvol».

At this time, the general contractor is mobilizing the construction site at the facility: a canteen building for workers and IT engineers was built in a short period of time. In the process - the construction of the administrative and household building. Today, more than 90 people are employed at the construction site, the remaining 25 people are waiting for a work permit. Wheel-washing equipment has been installed at the facility, temporary roads have been laid, and a fence has been installed around the perimeter. The system of temporary water supply, sewerage and electricity is connected. Excavation work is underway on the pit.

The general contractor is responsible for the development of working documentation, the creation of a BIM model, construction and installation, finishing works and landscaping. The three buildings are united by a two-story stylobate and a single two-level underground parking for 449 cars. The total area of the project is 93,729 square meters.

By implementing projects of high social significance, LMS fulfills the mission of increasing the high-quality housing stock, in accordance with the priorities of the development of the housing construction market in Moscow.

The LMS Group of Companies, confirming its reputation as a reliable general contractor, fulfills its obligations to customers efficiently and on time.