Work was done on the first concrete filling under the foundation at the apartment complex «Symvol»


Preparation for the foundation of constructing buildings 16, 17, 18 residential complex «Symvol» in Moscow is under way. The LMS Group of Companies, the General Contractor, has carried out the filling of 535.1 m3 of concrete.

Excavation work on the site has been completed at 51%. Hydroinsulation of the foundation is continuing at 15%. A total of 69% of the work was carried out on scarf fences, as well as 471 screws.

The site employs 268 workers. Three buildings are built in the framework of a multifunctional complex housing development, which provided for 922 flats are combined by a two-storey stylobat, as well as a single two-level underground parking for 449 cars. The total area of the project is 93,729 square meters. The customer of the project is «Donstroy».

LMS group of companies, confirming its reputation as a reliable general contractor, fulfils its obligations to customers on time and quality.