Sophisticated technologies are used in the construction of the Perm Gallery


On the territory of the sociocultural space of the Shpagin Factory, the general contractor LMS Group of Companies continues developing the foundation pit for the Perm State Art Gallery. The builders have already dug out and removed 13,550 m3; of soil, reaching the -3.40 m mark. The complex technology of dewatering with needle filters is used to drain the foundation pit from groundwater. The needle filter unit is a pumping station with a suction manifold to which up to 80 filtration columns are connected.

The specialists have also started reconstructing the existing buildings on the territory of the plant related to the implementation of the Project - the reinforcement of the foundations with Jet-1 and Jet-2 soil-cement elements is performed.

The mobilization of the construction camp and the arrangement of temporary roads on the construction site is continuing: the installation of all building envelopes, the insulation of the roof and the arrangement of internal power and lighting temporary dormitory are carried out.

In parallel with the construction work archaeological team continues to excavate the cultural layer of the XVIII century on the territory.

At the moment 115 specialists, including engineering and technical personnel and archaeologists, as well as 18 units of large construction equipment are working on the site. A factory for the preparation of special cement mortar for Jet-1 and Jet-2 soil-cement elements was built on the territory.

Building a history, we are proud of the result!