Encore selected general contractor


Unigreen Energy’s EnCore selected Russia’s subsidiary of LMS LLS to build wafer and cell fab in Kaliningrad region

The new factory called «EnCore» will be located at Chernyakhovsk industrial zone. The facility will produce 1.3 GW of silicon n-type monocrystalline ingots and wafers as well as 1 GW of HJT solar cells. The start of ramp-up production is scheduled for late 2022. EnCore facility will be focused on heterojunction technology which is on the rise now given the strong global demand for highly efficient solar modules.

EnCore, a business unit of Unigreen Energy (a subsidiary of Ream Management investing in renewable energy, health nutrition and ecotourism projects) selected Russia’s subsidiary of LMS Group for construction of the manufacturing facility. LMS is specializes in construction of complex and high-priority infrastructure, industrial and transport facilities of social significance in Russia.

EnCore and LMS Stroy signed the contract to construct the manufacturing plant by March 2023. The general contractor’s services include carrying out adjustment of design documentation along with approval procedures at state expertise body, development of working documentation in BIM, construction works on turnkey basis, including a full range of electromechanical works.

The project features 14 buildings and structures and with communication infrastructure covers more 7 hectares.