Almost 270 billion rubles in the framework of the national project are allocated for the complete reconstruction of airports in the Russian regions


Until 2024, all air harbors must comply with international standards. And a lot has been done. Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Khabarovsk – the cities where the air nodes were updated-have already been carried out.

Large-scale upgrades to regional airports are being carried out across the country as part of a national project to modernize and expand transport infrastructure.

In Chelyabinsk, the reconstruction is almost finished. The terminal was built from scratch, it became two and a half times larger. Inside, everything is for the comfort of passengers. Do not forget about the disabled citizens and those who go on a trip with children.

- Everything is clean, neat. The service is very friendly, « he says Anna Yershova.

– It's decorated so beautifully. This, of course, is very proud of our city, - he shares Oksana Paraskevich.

– I myself am from Voronezh, where reconstruction is still to be done. I hope it will be the same – « he admits Andrey Shulekin.

And they also updated the lighting equipment on the runway.

- This light-signalling equipment allows the aircraft to carry out take-off and landing operations in almost any weather, - he said Andrey Mikhailov, Project Manager of the company.

Khabarovsk Airport now has two working runways. The old one, which was preserved and served since the middle of the last century, was almost rebuilt.

- This, firstly, will reduce the intervals between aircraft, increase the capacity, - he says Roman Pshenichnikov, the pilot of airline «Khabarovsk airlines».

Three and a half kilometers of top-quality coverage plus modern equipment allow you to take any liners. Due to the telescopic ladders, there is a significant saving of passengers ' time. Previously, the only way to get from the plane to the terminal and back was by bus. The terminal building is also new, it was opened last fall.

- Khabarovsk Airport is a backup for most of the airfields that are located next to it. Therefore, this airport is a key one here in the Far East, actually performing the role of a hub, « said Dmitry Petrichenko, Deputy Executive Director of the Khabarovsk Airport.

Until 2024, all airports in the country must comply with international standards, such is the plan of the national project. 267 and a half billion rubles have been allocated for this purpose.

The LMS company is the general contractor for the construction of airports in Chelyabinsk and Khabarovsk. You can get more information on our website in the PROJECTS section.