An important condition for the construction of any facility is environmental protection measures. In our activities, we adhere to the principles of pollution prevention, and also minimize all negative impacts on nature and the environment.

Factors that we take into account when developing these measures:

  • Gas emissions from engines of special equipment are kept under control by sanitary services. They make sure that no air pollution occurs during the construction of new facilities.
  • To reduce the impact on the groond from mechanisms and equipment, special structures are used that dampen the vibrations arising during the operation of the units.
  • To prevent soil contamination by sewage, a drain is connected to the existing sewerage system.
  • Waste from construction sites is taken out to special landfills.
  • A car wash is arranged for vehicles leaving the construction site. The exit of dirty vehicles from the construction site is prohibited.

The set of measures taken complies with all national and international environmental protection standards and helps to reduce the harm that mechanisms and machines used in the construction of buildings have on soil, air, water.


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