Advanced training of LMS employees at the «Symbol» Residential Complex


The HR Department of the LMS Group organized regular advanced training for the employees working at the site of the Simvol Residential Complex in Moscow. This training is necessary in connection with the implementation of the next phase of construction of the object and the transition from the construction and assembly works to the interior and finishing works.

From the 11th of July six groups of 80-85 people will be organized, which will be trained in six areas: tiler, plasterer, electrician, painter, carpenter and puttyman. During the classes the workers will learn the theoretical base, consolidate knowledge in practice and pass the final certification. The training course will last till September 30, 2022 inclusive.

According to Arina Semenenko, HR Director of LMS, the continuous process of training and professional development of employees directly affects the competitiveness of the company, as well as the value and professional level of specialists.

LMS Group of Companies has established itself as a reliable general contractor for the construction of large infrastructure facilities in Russia. LMS is a reputable team of professionals recognized internationally.