LMS Professions: Surveyor


The surface of the earth does not have perfectly horizontal or inclined lines, therefore, to determine the exact terrain, it is necessary to build a coordinate system and determine the points of height of the earth's surface.

Geodesy, as the science of how to measure and image the earth's surface on maps and diagrams, arose a long time ago and today specialists in this field work in all branches of industrial, civil and infrastructure construction, architecture, geological exploration, land management and land use.

The geodesist engineer takes measurements, makes maps of the area, performs calculations to describe the relief, participates in the development of the project of the future building and carries out geodetic control over construction and installation works.

What does a surveyor engineer do?

Specialists are involved at all stages of the construction of the building, from the moment of determining the building site to commissioning the object. Based on their measurements and calculations, a project of the future structure is created and the required amount of building materials is calculated.

The specialist carries out a complex of geodetic, research, center and design works, controls the geometric accuracy of the parameters of structures, monitors the deformations of objects being erected, makes reports, drawings, plans and diagrams.

The work of a surveyor includes two main stages:

  • Field work. At this stage, the terrain is being surveyed using geodetic instruments.
  • Desk work. The specialist performs mathematical processing of all performed geodetic measurements on the object and graphically draws up a site plan.

Topographic survey of the area is carried out using special geodetic instruments – levelers, theodolites, rangefinders, as well as laser scanners. Laser equipment allows you to accurately determine the smallest relief features and quickly obtain a three-dimensional image of even a hard-to-reach object.

Scope of competence

A surveyor engineer is a specialist with a higher technical education who must have the following knowledge and skills:

  • fundamentals of cartography and geodesy;
  • various methods of surveying the area using geodetic instruments;
  • computer programs for in-house processing of geodetic measurements and computer-aided design;
  • drawing up geodetic maps, plans, diagrams, profiles and other graphic materials.

It is important for a specialist to be attentive, responsible and scrupulous in collecting and analyzing data. Have a mathematical mindset and analytical abilities. Any construction begins with a geodetic survey of the area, as well as relief features of the surrounding areas, so the profession of a surveyor remains in demand today, as it was many centuries ago.

LMS Group of Companies has been engaged in geodesy of the area for construction for many years, providing its customers with the highest level of services. The LMS has a professional team of engineers and surveyors, which allows solving problems of any level of complexity.

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