LMS Professions: Roofer


The final part of the construction of any building and structure is the arrangement of the roof. The roof is installed manually, therefore, depending on the size of the object, the work is carried out by one specialist or a team of roofers.

A roofer is a specialist who is engaged in the installation, repair and maintenance of roofing structures of buildings and structures. It installs tiles, metal tiles, membranes, bitumen materials and other roofing materials. The roofer also performs the installation of drainage systems, the installation of roof windows and hatches, lays a ventilation system.

Different types of roofing have different installation technology and require the use of a different set of tools. Therefore, roofers often have a narrow specialization, working with soft or hard types of roofing.

Features of the roofer's work

The profession of a roofer is associated with risk, because he works on the highest part of the building. Roofers should understand various roofing materials and know how to install them, as well as observe safety precautions when working at height.

Regardless of the type of work performed by a specialist, his duties include:

  • Preparation of the work site. At the preparation stage, it is necessary to install scaffolding, protect windows and doors, or clean the roof from old materials and debris. He carries out the marking of the territory and checks the grounds for the installation of the roof.
  • Installation of roofing materials. Installation is carried out in accordance with the technology of work with a specific roofing material. At the installation stage, it is important to ensure the tightness of the roof, so a specialist should know how to properly make joints and seams to prevent water penetration.
  • Installation of a drainage system. So that water does not accumulate on the roof and is quickly removed, the roofer installs downpipes, trays and other elements of the drainage system.
  • Ventilation gasket. In order for the roof to serve for a long time, it is important to ensure proper air circulation on the roof of the building. The roofer must know how to properly install ventilation systems to ensure effective air exchange.
  • Roof repair. A specialist should be able to find and fix problems with the roof: leaks, damage to materials and others.
  • Accounting of materials and tools. The specialist keeps records of the materials and tools used to assess the volume and cost of roofing work.

To carry out roofing work, you need to have a special education, which can be obtained at preparatory courses or at secondary specialized educational institutions. Upon completion of the training, the specialist receives a certificate with the assignment of the 2nd category of a roofer. If a specialist is going to work with a soft roof, he needs to get a permit to work with gas cylinder equipment.

A specialist should have good physical fitness, be hardy, emotionally stable, attentive, focused. Have good physical health with a stable vestibular apparatus and no problems with pressure.

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