LMS Professions: Construction Project Manager


A construction project manager (or project manager) is a specialist who is responsible for the entire construction process, from the planning stage to the commissioning of the building. He works closely with numerous project participants, including architects, engineers, contractors and other specialists.

Effective management of the construction process reduces time, allows you to spend the budget economically and improves the quality of work, therefore, a project manager is a sought–after and highly paid profession.

What is the job of a construction project manager?

  • Development of a work plan, determination of the deadline for the completion of work, resources (materials, equipment, professional personnel) and preparation of the construction budget.
  • Preparation, execution and approval of project documentation and obtaining appropriate permits for construction.
  • Selection of qualified personnel, distribution of responsibilities between them.
  • Management of executive organizations-contractors and contractors, control over the performance of work in accordance with the plan, participation in negotiations, conducting approvals.

The construction project manager must have a higher technical education in the field of construction management, as well as have professional experience and practical knowledge.

A specialist should have leadership qualities, be able to motivate the team, make decisions quickly taking into account possible risks. At the same time, it is important to be stress-resistant, calm and attentive. A project manager should be able to work with large amounts of information. Plan your work and the work of the team, monitor the implementation of tasks. He has a great responsibility for the entire construction process. The profession of a construction manager is an interesting and responsible job that opens up wide opportunities for professional implementation.

LMS Group of Companies has been engaged in construction for many years under a general contract, providing its customers with the highest level of services. LMS employs an international professional team of construction project managers who have extensive experience in implementing various large infrastructure projects.

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