LMS professions: Operator of automated construction equipment


At the construction site, most of the work is carried out using specialized construction equipment, which is used to move heavy loads, earthworks, installation of building structures and foundations. Manages and maintains construction equipment operators.

Depending on the specialization, the operator can operate excavators, bulldozers, loaders, bridge or tower cranes, graders, concrete pavers or other construction machines.

The specialist prepares the equipment for work, monitors its technical condition and performs various tasks on the construction site with its help. Modern equipment is equipped with automation and electronics, so the operator must be well versed in the functionality of the machine.

Duties of the construction equipment operator

The work of the operator of specialized equipment may differ depending on the type of equipment and the work performed, but generally includes the following responsibilities:

  • Preparation of equipment for work. Before starting work, the operator checks the technical condition of the machine, carries out lubrication, refueling, adjusts the operation of the control system.
  • Management of equipment. The duties of the operator include moving equipment along a given route, performing maneuvers to ensure safety on the work site.
  • When working with loading and unloading equipment, the operator performs loading, unloading, transportation and movement of various cargoes. The operator must be able to correctly calculate the load capacity, monitor the stability and safety of the cargo.
  • Maintenance. The duties of the specialist include maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment parts, lubrication and refueling, cleaning and troubleshooting of minor malfunctions.
  • The operator must comply with the operating instructions of the equipment, safety and health regulations, use the necessary protective equipment and prevent possible emergencies.

To fulfill the overall goal of construction, the operator works in a team, so good communication with other specialists is important for him.

What do you need to work as a construction equipment operator?

To work as a construction equipment operator, special training is required, which includes knowledge of equipment maintenance, the ability to read drawings and diagrams, as well as experience working on a construction site. To manage construction equipment, a specialist must be trained and get admission.

The operator of construction equipment must be responsible and attentive, have good coordination and reaction speed in order to respond promptly to emergency or dangerous situations.

The specialist must comply with all safety rules and regulations in order to prevent an emergency situation at the workplace. It should also be ready to work in difficult production conditions, including bad weather and night shift.

The operator of construction machinery must be well versed in the technical aspects of machinery and equipment, be able to work with software and control system. Up to 50% of the productivity of the equipment controlled by the operator depends on the knowledge and skills of the operator, therefore qualified specialists are very much appreciated at the construction site.

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