LMS Professions: Cost Estimator


The construction of any object is always connected with the calculations. A cost estimator is a specialist who makes estimates for the construction, repair or reconstruction of buildings, structures and engineering systems. In order to correctly estimate the cost of future work and provide the customer with an accurate budget for the project, the estimator must have knowledge and experience in the field of construction, architecture, engineering systems and materials.

What is the responsibility of the estimator?

The estimator solves the following tasks:

  • Study of project documentation. The estimator should carefully study the project documentation, including drawings, specifications and technical descriptions, in order to understand the scope of work and materials required to complete the project.
  • Determination of the cost of work. The specialist conducts a detailed assessment of the cost of work, including the cost of materials, labor costs and equipment.
  • Preparation of estimate documentation. Based on the calculations, an estimate of expenses is made, which contains the calculation of the cost of work on the project.

When making an estimate, a specialist can offer alternative solutions to reduce the cost of the project without compromising its quality.

Cost estimators work both on construction sites and in design organizations. To work, it is necessary to know well the computer programs used to prepare estimates, as well as specialized programs for automatic calculation of work volumes and costs.

Professional training of cost estimators

To work as an estimator, you need an education in the field of construction, architecture, engineering systems and calculations. From the point of view of education and professional training, an estimator can have both an engineering and an economic profile.

When receiving an engineering education in the field of construction, engineering and architecture, the estimator has a deeper understanding of the technological aspects of construction and has a more accurate idea of the scope and cost of work. Economic education and work experience in the field of project management and accounting helps them to more accurately assess the financial aspects of projects and correctly allocate the budget for the work.

Regardless of education, a specialist in making estimates should know:

  • construction materials and technologies;
  • architectural drawings and specifications;
  • engineering systems and communications;
  • mathematical methods of cost estimation;
  • computer programs and technologies.

To work as an estimator, it is necessary to have good analytical skills, the ability to work with details and the desire to constantly improve professional skills.

LMS Group of Companies has been engaged in construction for many years under a general contract, providing its customers with the highest level of services. The LMS has a professional team of estimators, which allows solving problems of any complexity during the implementation of the project.

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