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Construction is the most ancient sphere of human activity and today construction professions remain one of the most popular in the labor market. No branch of the economy of any country in the world can develop without construction, that is, without the creation of new and reconstruction of existing facilities.

There are many specialists working in the field of construction in a variety of areas and they can be divided into two large categories: engineers who are engaged in management and design, and performers who directly perform work on a construction site.

Types of construction professions

  1. Engineering and technical professions include specialists who are engaged in the design, construction and reconstruction of various facilities, and also controls the entire process of construction and installation work: from planning to operation of buildings and structures. This category includes:
  • Civil engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Engineer-surveyor
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Cost Estimate Engineer
  • Architect

Engineering and technical professions require higher or secondary vocational education in the field of construction, architecture, urban planning or engineering.

2. Specialists of working professions directly perform various construction works. This category includes:

  • The Bricklayer
  • Concrete worker
  • Carpenter
  • Installer of metal structures
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Finishers: tiler, painter, plasterer
  • Operators of construction equipment: crane operator, bulldozer operator, excavator operator, loader driver, etc.

For working professions, it is necessary to get a professional education in the field of construction or take qualification courses. Some activities are subject to licensing and require a special permit.

3. The specialists associated with the management are responsible for the organization and coordination of construction processes at different stages or the overall implementation of the project. This category includes:

  • General Contractor
  • Foreman
  • Construction Project Implementation Manager

A profession related to construction management requires higher or secondary professional education in the field of construction, management, economics, management.

To implement the project, close cooperation of all construction participants is necessary. A specialist of each profession contributes to the implementation of a construction project and performs certain tasks aimed at obtaining the necessary result.

Without construction professions, it is impossible to implement many projects that make up an important part of people's lives, both in large cities and small towns. Thanks to the specialists of the construction professions, new residential and office buildings, shops, modern shopping centers, medical institutions, schools, universities, sports facilities, transport routes and transport infrastructure facilities are being built, as well as already constructed facilities are being repaired and reconstructed.

Currently, there is a shortage of specialists in many construction professions. Civil engineers, architects and construction workers with work experience are especially in demand. The demand for specialists is constantly growing, as the pace and volume of construction increases annually.

LMS Group of Companies has been engaged in construction for many years under a general contract, providing high-level services to its customers. The LMS employs an international professional team of builders in the number of more than 4,000 specialists with experience in the implementation of various objects.

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