LMS Professions: Construction Restorer


No matter how majestic, beautiful and historically valuable the objects of cultural heritage may be, this cannot protect them from the most important enemy - time. In order to preserve and pass them on to the next generations in their original form, constant restoration work is required. A large number of different specialists, including construction restorers, are involved in the reconstruction. This is an interesting and in-demand profession, which opens up wide opportunities for the realization of their creative abilities, doing useful, exciting business.

Who is a construction restorer?

The construction restorer is engaged in the preservation, restoration and reconstruction of cultural heritage objects. In the process of restoring a historical object, specialists work with different materials, so they often specialize in separate areas: restoration of stone buildings, architectural monuments made of wood, stucco, artistic paints, plasters.

What should a construction restorer know?

To perform their duties, a specialist requires a large amount of knowledge and competencies:

  • knowledge of the history of art, culture and architecture to understand the styles and trends that were used in the construction of the object;
  • features of the materials used in the construction of the building, as well as original construction technologies to preserve the historical and cultural identity of the buildings;
  • skills in carrying out restoration work, including installation, dismantling and restoration of building elements, as well as the use of special tools and equipment;
  • knowledge of computer programs for project development;
  • knowledge of legislative and regulatory requirements applicable to the restoration and reconstruction of cultural heritage sites, as well as safety procedures during work.

What is the job of a construction restorer?

Before the restoration, the specialist analyzes the condition of the building, determines the amount of necessary work, selects materials and technologies. Then he participates in the creation of the project, carries out special restoration work in compliance with technical and regulatory requirements. In order to most accurately restore the historical appearance of an object, a specialist often has to work with archival and historical documents, use special tools and equipment.

To work in this field, a technical education in the field of architecture or construction is required, and it is also necessary to undergo specialized training. Depending on the work experience and qualifications, the specialist is directly engaged in restoration work or the restoration process is managed.

The profession is suitable for people who are interested in architecture and historical architecture, have a technical mindset and are able to work in a team. It is important for a specialist to understand the aesthetic beauty and value of cultural heritage objects for contemporaries and future generations.

LMS Group of Companies has been engaged in construction for many years under a general contract, providing its customers with the highest level of services. LMS has the necessary experience and a professional team of specialists in the construction and restoration of cultural heritage sites.

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