LMS Professions: Design Technician


Creating a construction project is a long and complex process involving a team of specialists. The design technician is responsible for the development and detailing of technical solutions, design, drawing up drawings, selection of materials and structures. He participates in the development of projects for the construction, repair and reconstruction of buildings, bridges, roads, pipelines, electrical and hydraulic structures.

Competencies of a technical specialist

To work, a specialist must possess:

  • design methods and know the procedure for performing technical and economic calculations;
  • ability to read and select the required documentation, including drawings, technical and other conditions:
  • methods of drawing up drawing and graphic works;
  • knowledge of the types and properties of the building materials and structures used, as well as the features of their installation;
  • fundamentals of construction technologies;
  • requirements that apply to specific design solutions;
  • regulatory acts on the design of project documentation, current norms, standards and rules that regulate the design and construction of facilities;
  • technical means of design, the ability to use various technical solutions to achieve the necessary parameters of the object.

The main differences between a technician and an engineer

Despite the fact that a technical specialist and an engineer are engaged in design, they perform a different amount of work.

A design technician has a specialized secondary education in the field of construction or engineering. He performs individual design work on the basis of the technical assignment issued to him and is not engaged in the full management of the construction project. The specialist performs calculations, develops drawings, selects building materials, etc.

The design engineer has a higher engineering or construction education. He has higher competencies, can implement complex conceptual solutions, manage projects and ensure their implementation.

What qualities should a design technician have?

  • Analytical mindset, ability to analyze technical problems and find solutions based on their knowledge and experience.
  • Precision and attention to detail to avoid design errors.
  • A high level of responsibility, because the quality of his work depends on the safety and quality of the project.
  • Creative approach to create new and unusual solutions.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to new requirements and changes in the project.
  • Communication skills, the ability to work in close cooperation with other specialists working on the implementation of the project.
  • Striving for development, continuous improvement of their professional skills.

Technical specialists work at different stages of the development of design solutions, from the preparation of technical tasks to the creation of working documentation. Errors in the design documentation can lead to delays in construction, increased costs and even danger to human life and health. Therefore, qualified design technicians who know modern design methods and tools are important in the construction process, ensuring the safety and quality of the implemented project.

LMS Group of Companies has been engaged in construction for many years under a general contract, providing high-level services to its customers. LMS employs an international professional team of design technicians with experience in the implementation of various objects.

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