The capacity of Chelyabinsk International Airport will be increased to 400 passengers per hour


Chelyabinsk International Airport (Balandino) new terminal of domestic air lines complex was opened a month ahead of schedule for aircraft acceptance and passenger services in November 2019. As a result, the capacity of the terminal for domestic airlines was increased up to 2 million people per year. In October 2020, a forum of the heads of participating countries regions of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is planned in Chelyabinsk.

The capacity of Chelyabinsk Airport will be increased - Photo 1

LMS company as the general contractor having completed the works on domestic air lines hall and other existing facilities re-equipping in the airport complex terminal for the needs of international air lines, will increase their capacity from 220 to 400 passengers per hour.

Reconstruction works of the existing facilities of the airport complex were carried out step –by -step as fast as the areas occupied by the airport services and tenants were vacated and at the same time with the construction of domestic air lines new terminal for until the airport services moved to a new building.

The implementation of this construction project entails in complex of works to connect vacated areas used by the airport services to the international airlines sector for the needs of domestic air lines and terminal re-equipment the terminal for international air traffic.

To meet international quality standards of passengers services and safety existing airport building facilities were increased by halls adjoining and modernization of inspection and baggage handling systems, warning systems, fire extinguishing, video surveillance, fire and burglar alarms and other systems.

The capacity of Chelyabinsk Airport will be increased - Photo 2

Office areas, concourses, arrive and departure areas, common passenger areas, public catering and trade areas were replanned, repairing and finishing works in them were completed. Today works on the arrangement of pavilions have been finished, high-tech equipment has been mounted: a baggage handling system and an elevator for low-mobility passengers. At present building roof works are in process. Electrical, mechanical, civil works have been started. Currently assembling and disassembling works in the facilities are on-going.

Final completion of the reconstruction and major repair of the existing terminal building is planned in the 4th quarter of 2020.

The capacity of Chelyabinsk Airport will be increased - Photo 3

On June, 4th, 2018 LMS company signed the contract for the construction project: «Construction of a new air terminal complex for domestic / international air lines of the Chelyabinsk International Airport (Balandino). The 1st stage, terminal of domestic air lines «. The total construction area of the facility is 75,000 m2, the area of the constructed TVVL (domestic airlines building) is 16,440 m2. In addition, even before the completion of the construction of the Domestic Airlines Terminal, the contract for the reconstruction of existing airport complex facilities for the needs of international lines in order to increase the capacity of the international sector and acceptance rate the SCO-BRICS summit was signed with a total area of 19,000 m2.

As per the project concept implementation, the new terminal is equipped with passenger telescopic ladders, elevators and escalators, a modern baggage handling system, and innovative inspection equipment.