Works in the shopping and entertainment center «Nebo» are under way


LMS specialists in the shopping and entertainment center «Nebo» (Moscow) complete the installation of facade metal structures (95%) and sandwich panels (86%). A number of large-scale finishing works on the premises of the shopping and entertainment centre have approached the level of 100% readiness.

Partitions of gas-concrete blocks (97%) and bricks (98%) are now practically ready. The plasterboard wall in the tenant areas continues to be installed. The staircase is 85% complete. The plaster work is being completed.

On 95% the tightening is made on the ground floor. The work on the tightening on the second and third is actively promoted. In 40% ready the laying of tiles.

Electrical and mechanical work (28%), roofing insulation (27%) and ventilation and central air conditioning (27%) continue. The stained glass glazing device has begun.

Let’s remind, on a construction site the size of five football fields - 13 370 m2 - the frame of the building is installed. 31,000 m3 of reinforced concrete and 358 tons of metal structures are involved.

The term of implementing of «Nebo» is 2021 October. The customer of the project is the company «Capital of Management».

LMS group of companies, confirming its reputation as a reliable general contractor, satisfies its obligations to customers on time, who are satisfied with it, trust us over and over again with realization of their projects.

Works in the shopping center Nebo are under way - Photo 1