Modern and Progressive: What Novy Urengoy Airport will be


LMS, as a general contractor, is implementing a project to build a new terminal for the largest Yamal hub.

Source: Yamal Region:

At Novy Urengoy airport, the lighting masts have been changed on the platform. Work is being carried out as part of a large-scale reconstruction of the air station complex. Five months ago, construction of a new passenger terminal began in the gas capital. Today the pile field is almost ready, in the future - lengthening of the strip and other works.

Now the builders are laying the foundation for future jet bridges - warm sleeves connecting the building of the air terminal with planes. In addition, the new terminal has a warm bus tunnel - bass gate. According to the contractors, the new airport of the gas capital will be the best in Yamal.

A Turkish company operates on the site. Behind its shoulders is Istanbul airport and several terminals in major Russian cities. Today it is one of the busiest places in the gas capital. While the planes take off very close by, the builders are building a new terminal.

This year we have to close the thermal circuit. For what purpose heat networks, boiler house, electricity is supplied to carry out finishing works in the heat during the winter», - said the executive director of the airport Novy Urengoy Roman Bokov.

It is the first airport in Russia which is modernized in the framework of concession agreement between the county government and the management company «Airports of regions». The date is set. Surrender will take place at the end of next year.

«We have to get a new terminal, modern, large with the capacity of many more than the current and with the prospect of transition to international format», - said the Governor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Region Dmitry Artyukhov.

To do this, it is necessary to increase the number of passengers to one and a half million per year. The new terminal will increase the volume. At the presentation of the project, Governor of Yamal called the new air harbour a decoration of Novy Urengoy. The architectural concept is based on a Nenets dwelling. It’s very spacious - 18,000 square meters.

The new terminal will no longer have complex circuits. Convenience is the main requirement of the project. Lyudmila Shamsutdinova takes passengers on a flight for almost ten years. Queues to check-in counters are not uncommon. But the terminal under construction will allow many more flights to be served at the same time. Passenger traffic will be 840 people per hour.

We hope that there will be a good rest area, more seats, more check-in stands. As such, we hope that there will be no more queues», she added.

«We look forward to a beautiful airport. Compared to the first time I came here, of course there are improvements, but I want even better», - said Minsylu Khairetdinova.

The modern terminal is waiting for all airport employees. Gennady Ivanov was born in Novy Urengoy, saw the air harbour of the gas capital at the earliest stages of its development. Already now progress is evident. But there is no limit to perfection, he is convinced. A man has been working here for 11 years, and he’s been unloading hundreds of kilograms of baggage per shift. Now there’s a prospect of doing it in the warmth. In the new terminal, the baggage compartment, like the passenger landing area, is being set up inside the building.

«As a native Northerner, this construction is important, I’m going to live here, work. Long dreamed of a new airport, waited for this», he emphasized.

There will be no parking problems. The station will have a parking for 300 places. The current terminal will also be used.

«The old building will be used. When expanding into the international sector will partially dismantle the arrival building, and the old building will be operated, somewhere for the staff, well there are still plans, I will not say yet», - clarified executive director of the airport Novy Urengoy Roman Bokov.

The runway will also be upgraded. The runway will be extended by 500 metres to accommodate long-haul types of aircraft. Work will begin on 1 June. New at the airport will also be the building of an emergency rescue station, light signal equipment, boiler house, as well as the control tower.