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What is waterproofing concrete wells and why is it needed?

Groundwater may seep through joints formed at the seams of reinforced concrete elements. Waterproofing of wells, a protective layer technology, will help to prevent undesirable effects. A special protective layer seals the seams and prolongs the life of the well, since it preserves the inner ring fittings from destruction.

Another weak link of reinforced concrete structures is considered to be the place where the connections to the lower segment of the structure are connected. The waterproofing of structures made of concrete wells consists not only of the treatment of seams, but also of providing reliable protection of the whole surface.

The process consists of several steps and is carried out strictly by technology:

The application of bitumen-polymer mastics is a reliable means that can be used in all climatic zones. The bitumen masks, which formed an elastic layer after application, are not afraid of abrupt changes of temperature and are perfectly able to withstand pressure of ground water on the surface of reinforced concrete walls and in the places of seams. Adhesive waterproofing. This type of insulation is used for outdoor work and protects the outer walls of concrete wells from groundwater seepage. The structures are processed using PVC films and other similar roller materials with bitumen in the base.

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