We suggest you a short video dedicated to the installation of piles in the winter after the freezing of the soil.

Two types of technical means are involved in driving piles:

  • crawler piling coper SP-49 with diesel hammer «Copernick» HD-35, which has a weight of the impact part of 3500 kg;
  • and the UMMC-12 wheel coper with the SP-76 diesel hammer (the weight of the impact part is 1800 kg).

If necessary, for the immersion of piles below the mark of the bottom of the pit, builders use a special pile driver.

The process of driving piles can be divided into three main stages:

  • Drilling of lead guide wells to the depth of ground freezing.
  • Installation of the crane, feeding the pile to the dive site for driving.
  • Installation of copra, execution of pile driving.

The international team of LMS specialists implements projects in different regions, having experience and knowledge of the specifics of construction technologies in all climatic conditions, including in the Far North.

Our priorities remain unchanged – high quality construction and precision in the implementation of the project.