Construction of the air terminal complex at Voronezh continues


The works at the construction site are being carried out according to the approved schedules. There are no problems with delivery of materials and equipment to perform works on construction of new terminal at the moment.

At the moment, on July 29, the works are fully completed:

  • sheet piling of the basement of the new building and construction of the foundations for 2 telescopes;
  • excavation excavation for foundations of new building and theletraps;
  • foundations set up for the new building;
  • construction of vertical structures of the basement at the 3.700 m mark.

Today we laid about 3,500 m3 of concrete and performed reinforcement work (about 500 tons).

Mikhail Petrov, Chief Engineer of LMS at Voronezh construction:

«At the moment we are carrying out construction works on the backfill of foundations of new building, waterproofing and insulation of the outer part of the foundations and basement of the airport. Specialists are installing the formwork and reinforcing the floor slab of the basement of the future building, continue working on the device of the floor slab and the slab for the entrance group. About 70 specialists of the general contractor are involved in the project, including engineering personnel. We are using heavy construction machinery in the amount of five units - loaders, cranes and an excavator.

Let us remind that the airport has started an investment project «Construction of the air terminal complex of domestic airlines» in December 2021. The aim of the project is to create a modern air complex, allowing to provide high quality services to passengers and airlines according to international standards. The total area of the single passenger complex, upon completion of 3 phases of construction, will be more than 19 thousand square meters. The airport development strategy implies passenger traffic growth from 850,000 passengers (in 2019) to 1.75 million by 2025, due to further development of air transportation in the catchment area of the international airport Voronezh named after Peter I.

Roman Frolenko, General Director of Voronezh Peter the Great International Airport:

«In the current circumstances, the inhabitants of the region, of course, acutely lack of air traffic, the restriction of flights directly affects the work of the airport as well. But everyone is well aware that these are temporary difficulties. As soon as the restrictions are lifted, we will do everything possible to restore the route network as soon as possible. Comfortable passenger service also remains our priority, so despite the difficulties related to the international situation, we are continuing to build the new terminal together with our general contractor, the LMS Group. Yes, there may be some changes to the amount of funding for the facility, but not critical for the airport. Besides, measures of federal and regional support are being worked out, which gives us hope to finish the project on time. We are in constant contact with the regional authorities and we are grateful to them for the dialogue and help.

Construction of the air terminal complex at Voronezh continues-photo-1 Construction of the air terminal complex at Voronezh continues-photo-2 Construction of the air terminal complex at Voronezh continues-photo-3